Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood begins where The Butcher’s Daughter ended. A ruthless Irish clan, the powerful Síol Faolcháin, has trapped Mary inside a burning mill. Wounded and with child, Mary slips into the freezing waters of the Carrowbeg unseen and barely escapes the flames. But the clan has killed Hunter, her heart’s true joy. They’ve seized her ships, taken her gold and scattered all her men. Mary has lost everything. She hides in the shadows. She bides her time. Vengeance is in her heart.

The Queen of England also has debts to settle. Spain’s attempt to invade her kingdom and burn her at the stake for heresy ends in a bloody, costly disaster. But Spain is rich and powerful and King Phillip will try to conquer England again, this time with a larger fleet and with the help of his Irish allies. Queen Elizabeth decides to strike first. And when she sends Mary south as her eyes and ears with the English Counter Armada to destroy the Spanish fleet, Mary reluctantly must set aside her own plans for revenge against the Síol Faolcháin.

Two mighty titans clash. The stakes are high. The prize is the New World.

Based on true historical events, this is an epic story about war, adventure, love and betrayal.

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