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Reviews for The Butcher’s Daughter:

September 26, 20175.0 out of 5 stars“… charming, thrilling novel that has made me fall in love with historical fiction all over again. This incredible novel enchanted me both with its beautiful, descriptive literature as well as the incredible characters we encounter along the way. The Butchers Daughter is a read that will keep you engrossed enthralled and enchanted until the very last page. This book was so phenomenal and addictive that I found it unputdownable…in other words I was impatient as I moved to the next page thanks to the novels engrossing literature, riveting plot and let’s not forget, astonishing characters All of these factors combined make The Butcher’s Daughter one of my favourite reads of 2017, it is a triumphant piece of fiction from a wordsmith extraordinaire and you will not be disappointed if you read it!” – Aimme Ann Redheaded Book Lover

October 29, 2016:  5.0 out of 5 stars“The writing is rich and flows well, and the author has no issues transporting the reader back in time and making them part of the story. Historical fiction fans will devour this book. I look forward to reading more books by this author.” – Majanka  Amazon Review

July 30, 2016: 5.0 out of 5 stars“I total recommend this book!” – Deidre Amazon Review

July 15, 2016: 5.0 out of 5 stars“This is an amazing tale…” – Kimberly Amazon Review

May 13, 20165.0 out of 5 stars “Amazing … beautifully written…” – Carol Amazon Review

November 4, 2015: “… A wonderful novel in the best tradition of maritime literature. The historical setting is completely authentic and rich with details, the characters are alive and passionate, and the plot is full of thrilling action, intense drama, and stunning surprises. In short, this exhilarating adventure takes the reader on an unforgettable journey to a fascinating world at a time when life was cheap, yet courage was golden. Highly recommended …” The Columbia Review

October 10, 2015:5.0 out of 5 stars(x5!) “Readers will not want The Butcher’s Daughter to end, and will enjoy reading McMillin’s work again and again.” – Jessica Tingling, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

September 24, 1015: 5.0 out of 5 stars” … an incredible enjoyable and refreshing read.” Amazon

September 22, 2015: 5.0 out of 5 stars ” … This book fits a lot of different genres … definitely a historic adventure with pirates and smuggling, but there’s a beautiful romance and yet, at times reads as a naval book, the details are so richly thrown in … the author gives Mary a great voice, and develops all of his characters so they come alive … Mary is developed well, is sassy, and still has a lot of room to grow. By the way the author ended it (I cried) …” Bargain Book Reviews

September 19, 2015: 5.0 out of 5 stars” … this story will have you on the edge of your seat … ” Amazon

September 18, 2015: 5.0 out of 5 stars “… an incredible story … the book has a great flow that kept me engaged to the end…” Amazon

September 12, 2015: 5.0 out of 5 stars “… a surprise, a pleasant one, because I really enjoyed the book…” Amazon

August 24, 2015: 5.0 out of 5 starsby Grady Harp (top Amazon reviewer): “McMillin proves himself a spinner of historical fiction with this hefty but eminently readable book. A must for devotees of both military and historical fiction.” Amazon

July 29, 2015: “… a pleasurable and action-packed read … a delicious spin to the otherwise tired clichés of male captains … the joy of the open seas – as well as the danger churning below – pulses throughout this rip-roaring, hearty tale of the high seas.” – Kirkus Review

June 14, 2015: “… an entertaining read … a few well-placed surprises to heighten the adventure … a defiant story, a narrative of strong will and perseverance which ultimately plummets to a tragic end.“ – Readers’ Favorite


Reviews for Gather the Shadowmen, Prince of the Atlantic and Napoleon’s Gold:


04/23/2013: Amber on Goodreads gives Gather the Shadowmen five stars. (

02/07/2913: Alan H. on Goodreads gives Napoleon’s Gold five stars (looks like Mr. H gives lots of folks five stars – but who am I to quibble?). (See

01/28/2013: The first review, well a rating anyway, for 2013: Jack Schultz on Goodreads gives Gather the Shadowmen four stars. (See

09/15/2012: J. Follansbee on Gather the Shadowmen: “McMillin illuminates a shady chapter in America’s war for independence while offering a character who could easily star in a dozen high-seas tales.” J. Read Mr. Follansbee’s full review.

09/06/2012: C. Crisalli gives Prince of the Atlantic five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Crisalli’s full review.

08/29/2012: C. Crisalli gives Gather the Shadowmen four stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Crisalli’s full review.

08/08/2012: C. Vallar on Prince of the Altantic: “Readers … will enjoy the voyage, which is laced with romance, danger, intrigue, humor, and heartache.” Ms. Vallar is the author of the critically acclaimed novel The Scottish Thistle and has a terrific website devoted to the history of pirates and privateers at Read Ms. Vallar’s full review.

08/08/2012: C. Vallar on Napoleon’s Gold: “Napoleon’s Gold is a heartrending, but inspiring [story] … [and] [r]eaders who crave history mixed with fictional escapades spiced with intrigue, gumption, daring, and realism will not be disappointed.” Read Ms. Vallar’s full review.

08/03/2012: J. Foley gave Prince of the Atlantic four stars on GoodReads. Read Mr. Foley’s full review.

04/16/2012: C. Smith on Gather the Shadowmen: “I loved this book for its perfect mix of character development, story, and rich history … Captain Luke [Ryan] represents the best in all of us yet remains a believable hero.” Read Mr. Smith’s full review.

04/06/2012: C. Vallar on Gather the Shadowmen: “[A] riveting tale of nail-biting suspense, palpable danger, and heartwarming romance. Beware, though: once ensnared, you will crave to read more to discover how Ryan becomes Franklin’s “most dangerous privateer…” Read Ms. Vallar’s full review.

04/01/2012:  “Bphile726” on Gather the Shadowmen: “A well done historical novel…” Mr. “Bphile726” gives the book four out of five stars on GoodReads. Read his full review.

03/07/2012: D. Hayes on Napoleon’s Gold: “[There is] plenty of action… [using a] plot line which I enjoyed.” Hayes, an aficionado of nautical fiction books, has a wonderful site devoted to the genre at and “recommends” Napoleon’s Gold to his patrons. Read Mr. Haye’s full review.

03/02/2012: Colonel W. Green on Gather the Shadowmen, Prince of the Atlantic and Napoleon’s Gold: “I remember from my early school days the history classes, which I did not enjoy at all, and the tremendous gift that writing like [McMillin’s] has brought to make history alive for me. [McMillin’s] books have many elements that have been central to my life; boats, water, sailing, military, patriotism and care for family. I … especially [enjoyed McMillin’s] style.  Thanks for the hours of enjoyment – keep them coming.”

02/22/2012: J. Mielke on Gather the Shadowmen: “WOW! What a great read. Enjoyed it from page one. Felt as if I could lick the salt spray off my lips… Very descriptive and well written. The Aussies have a saying … [w]hen they brew a good batch of home brew they say “that’s a bottler”… [a term] used to express anything excellent and good.  Mark has written a “bottler.” Mr. Mielke gives the book five out of five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Mielke’s full review.

02/19/2012: D. Hayes on Prince of the Atlantic: “[E]xcellent… a thoroughly good read…” Hayes, an aficionado of nautical fiction books, has a wonderful site devoted to the genre at Mr. Hayes “recommends” Prince of the Atlantic to his patrons. Read Mr. Hayes’s full review.

02/13/2012: B. Garrett on Gather the Shadowmen: “Loved the book … captivating read … the nautical action blew me away…” Mr. Garrett gives the books five out of five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Garrett’s full review.

01/23/2012: D. Hayes on Gather the Shadowmen: Hayes, an aficionado of nautical fiction books, has a wonderful site devoted to the genre at Mr. Hayes gives the book five out of five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Hayes’s full review.

01/02/2012: F. Banta on Gather the Shadowmen, Prince of the Atlantic and Napoleon’s Gold: “McMillin takes tidbits from the scant history of the real Luke Ryan to craft a compelling and engaging tale of adventures on the high seas. Woven within the tale are elements of naval warfare tactics, political intrigues and deceptions between England, France, and America as the rebellion of the colonies became a revolutionary struggle for human liberty…” Mr. Banta gives the book five out of five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Banta’s full review.

12/15/2011: E. Green, Esq on Gather the Shadowmen: “… a really great book…” Mr. Green give the book five out of five stars on Amazon. Read Mr. Green’s full review.



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